What is a Flicker Permanent Bracelet?

For those not shy of commitment, our 14kt Gold Flicker Permanent Bracelets are a unique, in-person style experience. You can wear the dainty, 14kt yellow gold chain solo or choose to add some simple adornments. Bring your friends, it’s the ultimate friendship bracelet!!! 

Our Flicker Permanent Bracelets are custom fit to your wrist, with no clasp, and being 14kt gold should require no maintenance. The gold is welded shut in a quick, painless flash.

Heck no! It's just quick little flash on the metal. You won't feel a thing, except excitement!

Our in-stock Flicker choices are all 14kt Yellow Gold. Please contact us 10 days before your Flicker appointment if you would like to request 14kt White or Rose Gold.

During the Summer we hold special Flicker Anklet pop-ups. They are the perfect accessory for summer slides and sandles!

We do not recommend charms on anklets. Also, keep in mind that tall socks and boots are not friends of anklets.

Bracelets and anklets are offered on different days due to setup requirements. If you have an upcoming Flicker Bracelet appointment and would like to switch to an anklet, please contact us.

Flicker Permanent Bracelets are 14kt gold so should wear just fine on their own. These are dainty chains, so you want to be careful not to snag it.

If you want to permanently remove the bracelet, just cut the small circle ring with scissors. And if you decide you want it back on we can do that for a small fee.

Weeks, months, years. It all dependents on your choice of chain, lifestyle, job and other external factors. If you have an active lifestyle or work with your hands, you might want to consider our heavier chain.

Our permanent bracelets are thin with the intention to break away to prevent injury if you ever get it caught. If your bracelet breaks, put the broken chain in a safe place and contact us to schedule a re-flicker.

One re-flicker within 30 days is complimentary. Additional costs may occur for heavy damage or replacement.

No problem, we've got you! Flicker bracelets can become "less-permanent" by adding a 14kt gold clasp for $35. While it doesn't make the bracelet more durable, it does allow you to remove it when bracelet-snagging situations arise.

You can purchase a gift card online or in store, and then you're all set - they will just need to make an appointment.

No, simply because 14kt gold is more durable for this. We do carry other (non-permanent) dainty silver bracelets in the store!

Minimum Flicker age is 12. Anyone under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Yes, appointments take about 15 minutes and both of you will need to reserve a time.

Yes! Give us a call to arrange a date. We require a minimum of 10 guests for a private Flicker party.